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Tuition & Fees Information

Below we've outlined the Woodlands Ballet Theatre Tuition and Fees for the 2022-2023 school year.

You can access specific sections directly below:


  1. Military/Police/Firefighter/Teacher $10 off a month

  2. Homeschool Classes $10 off a month

  3. Male Student discount 10% 

  4. Sibling Discount 5%- does not apply with the max plan


Tuition & Registration

Registration Fees: 

  • $50 per dancer

Annual registration fees are due at the time of registration. Registration fees are non refundable. 


  • Adult Registration Fee $30

  • Adult Class Card (10 Classes $200)

                                    (20 Classes $375)


Tuition is calculated by the total number of hours
45min-1hr per week         $85/mo
1.25- 1.75 hrs per week    $145/mo
2-2.25 hrs per week        $165/mo
2.5- 2.75 hrs per week    $175/mo
3-3.25 hrs per week        $185/mo    
3.5-3.75 hrs per week        $195/mo
4-4.25 hrs per week        $210/mo
4.5-4.75 hrs per week        $220/mo
5-5.25 hrs per week        $230/mo
5.5-5.75 hrs per week        $240/mo
6.0-6.25 hrs per week        $250/mo    
6.5-6.75 hrs per week        $260/mo
7.0-8.0 hrs per week        $300/mo
8.25-9.0 hrs per week     $340/mo
9.25-10.75 hrs per week    $380/mo
11.0-11.75 hrs per week    $420/mo
12.0-12.75 hrs per week    $460/mo
13.0- 13.75 hrs per week    $500/mo
14.0-14.75 hrs per week    $540/mo
15.0-20.0 hrs per week    $580/mo

*Additional hours are $10 per hour, per week.

Plan Maximum $580 per month up to 20 hours per week. *Additional hours are $10 per hour, per week.



Production Fee (per production): Production Fees Include: performance tickets (number to be determined), t-shirt, venue, digital copy of the performance, lighting, sound, technical supervision, music licensing, choreography, rehearsals, insurance, and maintenance, videographer, photographer, printing (tickets, posters, programs).


Individual Dancer: $225 Family: $425. Production Fees are non refundable and must be paid by Sept. 1 and February 1.
Payment options may be discussed with the owner by email or in person. 

Costume Fees (Per Costume): Costume Fees are non refundable and will be collected with September Tuition to help ensure that costumes arrive on time.If a second costume order must be made an additional $15 charge will be added and the arrival time of the costume will not be guaranteed by the performance.  Costumes fees vary depending on the costume. Costumes range from $65-$95 + tax.



Tuition will be charged to the card or bank account on file the 25th of each month for the following month. For example: Charges billed on the 25th of August will be for the month of September. Billing is prorated for the number of weeks in each month. 


Failure to provide payment by the 5th of the month will result in a $15.00 Late Fee. Dancer Absence or Studio Closure does not negate the late fee being applied to the account. An email statement will be provided upon request.


All registration, production fee, and costume fees are NON REFUNDABLE


Full tuition is due monthly regardless of studio closure or dancers attendance. Make-up classes may be scheduled through the front office or parent portal. 


Dancers may schedule make-up classes for absences with the front office or through the parent portal. Classes must be made up within 30 days of the dancer's absence.


Please review our Parent/Student Handbook and Policies and Procedures for more detailed information.

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